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Originally posted by Drake1009
I'm having a darn hard time getting used to joypads. I tried using one for playing X-men vs. Street fighter on MAME today. The gamepad made it completely impossible for me to play right. Had it been a single or dual button thing it'd have been easier, but I still can't really go one specific direction. I usually end up going diagonally.

I think you really, really need to test a pad before you buy it. There's so mant joypads out there now with the quirky 'angled' offset, or those that read aren't designed for the d, dl, l actions involved in SF2.

I chose the Sidewinder because the angle of the pad compensated for the nasty angle that I hold joypads at, and there's enough buttons to keep anyone happy. Just make sure you test it, or at least hold it and see how it feels before you buy it. There's no caveat emptor where shop front hardware is concerned.

Only downside is it's Macro$hite, but I can be safe in the knowledge that some other poor company were contracted to build it and stick the M$ logo on it.

Please don't reply with M$ comments, this is a joypad/joystick discussion ATM, k?
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