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The Atari 800XL was my first ever computer, The system i learnt basic on and my only system for about 5 years until we got an ST and then an Amiga.

I built up a massive tape and cart collection for it over the years. After about 1986 the 8bit ataris started to gradually fade from the mainstream, in the uk anyway and it became harder and harder to find new games, Atari did keep selling the hardware, in the XE / XG ranges, but hardly any software seemed to be available for them by then.
I did grow to become jealous of my c64 owning friends and the wealth of software they had available.

Another thing i remember is that few games ever seemeded used the full 64k of ram on the 800/800XLs, most games were written so they'd run on Atari400/600XLs.

Still it had some amazing games on it, some personal favourites

Rescue of Fractalus
Ghost Chaser
Miner2049er + Bounty bob strikes back
Great american road race
Galaxians (on cart)
Asteroids (on cart)
Blue max
Rally speedway (the game micromachines blatantly ripped of)

I still have my 2 800XLs and games in the loft.
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