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Afaik the chinese, or some other place in asia was where commodore had it production/assbembly line. When Commodore went bankrupt the government/factory quickly grabbed all of the CD32 in stock and production in order to cut their losses.

Well, this is more speculation as to this being the reason for CD32 being available now. It might just as well be that they are refurbished CD32s with bootleg boxes. Amiga market prices are rising and the Chinese are quick to exploit cheap electronics. Facts that probably can be verified are that commodore had a factory and that CD32 where grabbed. The connection to available CD32 are as I said, speculation.

nothing new I see, A quick google
It was manufactured right up to the bankruptcy, and it is well known that the Philippine government seized the remaining units. According to Amiga Computing Issue 88 (July 1995) the manufacturing assets they seized was around US $1 million. —Pixel8 20:42, 7 February 2006 (UTC)

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