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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
Let's give Pyromania the benefit of the doubt for now, he has been here a while and is a bonified Amiga freak with a track record of delivering products to the Amiga market.
I agree. I know weve been shafted many times before and yes i too would rush to buy every copy of CU Amiga to read about the next aquisition after Commodore went under, only find that one after the other just it killed the feeling of hope more and more for me.. I couldnt believe a technology like Amiga was biting the dust, but hey whats the worst that can happen now? We already have nothing going on, so why not encourage every potential opportunity ( except from Amiga.Inc ).

I know getting our hopes up is a painful process, but thats what life is about isnt it. Hope!. without hope you wouldnt get out of bed in the morning, so lets give him a break.

And yeah, its not going to be like the Amiga was back in the 80's or 90's, but i'll embrace anything that is Amiga like if it gives me the elegant style of Workbench such an OS4 derivative, and i would love to hear the name Amiga once again on the lips of the collective public, just to bring it into the spotlight and have the world realise there was actually another major player in the market at one point that held the spotlight. One that not may know of, but it so very well deserves the mention.

Im not saying something is going to come of this, but why not just support the man, instead of dragging our arms with constant pessimism.

Good Luck Pyromania!.

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