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Ouch. This should not happen. I'd say if it doesn't work with 100% floppy accuracy and only turbo, this is a bug in floppy emulation!
[EDIT] Yes there is a bug! It requires the aeons-old trick of ejecting disk, then inserting the other disk! (keyword "spinback")
I can't blame Toni here. Every freaking game/demo seems to have its own order of calling DSKRDY and friends, sometimes combined with mouse interrupts (RMB in this case).

Note 1: Demo works perfectly with
- standard A500 configuration
+ 1 drive (DF1)
+ 1 MB chip
+ KS 3.0/3.1.
(KS 2.04 (V37) obviously cannot work. )

Note 2: if you only have 512K, you must unplug DF1, otherwise there will be no sound!
So if you want to work with two drives and also have sound, make sure to set 1 MB chip RAM or more!

BTW: The sound is absolutely the shit. Sounds like a CD!!!!

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