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after prototyping comes Circuit Board printing, then acid eching and then neutralising and then mounting the components

at this point kits could be sold i'd buy one! build it into a project box and voilia (just thinking of that Jammer Cabinet now.... mmmm )

I am hoping brass could then develop this a possible mass produced product that would be cool... theres an SMeC based company about a couple miles away they might take on small product runs... when i discussed a product run with them for my usb based eprom programmer/reader (4 years ago now) there minum run (after prototyping) was 200 units.

cost depends on the number of layers the board needs etc. but whom knows iy might be cheaper in NZ

Once Brass has his prototype up and running, All it takes is a little touch here and there for a composite input and maybe (dependant on cost) an RF input.. would be nice to see Atari VCS/2600 on a big crt

infact theres lots of things one could use it for, VCR's, DVD players / Records, old school consoles its all good ) .

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