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Originally Posted by Ultron
The circus continues...
in some ways my friend... its almost too horrific to watch...

and in truth to expect anything is too painfull to hope.

strange though A-inc have aquired that indian java consultant company (like to know how) personally i belive that there gonna doa fast one and transfer the main lot to the newly named amiga company and sell off the pointless stuff to any one whom could be conned into it... OR declare a bankruptcy after stealing under noses...

personally I want to know what the DISCLOSED sum to Amiga corp / inc whatever paid to gatway was ?

AND why hasn't tulip or whom ever now owns the CBM brand done anything?

grrr grrr grrr

I fear as Alexh pretty much states... there not even a midsized company. but hey.. Amiga inc cant cost that much... its not as though it has assests.....

unless they try to sell us retro-amigan community.... I wouldn`t put it past them.
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