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Originally Posted by Pyromania

Members of DiscreetFX and their investors sent a formal proposal to
Amiga Inc. requesting formal validation of the companies value.
Currently we are hard at work finishing up our Super Size Me like
movie about Trans Fat called "Oil Change" but the plan is to secure
funding to purchase Amiga Inc. and all of it's IP in the next year.
That is our next project after completing the film. It has been on the
To-Do list for some time.

This of course depends on if Amiga Inc. wants to sell themselves in
the next year and if an agreed upon price can be negotiated.
DiscreetFX believes there is tremendous value in the Amiga brand and
Amiga OS 4.0. The CEO of DiscreetFX stated "Even though we primarily
develop our visual effects software on NewTek video editing solutions
for Windows and solutions on Mac OS X the Amiga has always held a
special place in my heart since I developed my first product on it. I
want to help bring the Amiga back to it's former glory in new IT
markets". If an agreement can be reached between Amiga Inc. and
DiscreetFX the return of Amiga will be amazing.

Best regards

DiscreetFX Team
best of luck! i would not commercially touch anything amiga, and you should know that too, seing that the proposal and found raising for Amizilla has not produced anything in the reasonable timeframe that you suggested. but if you guys are serious in your intentions, i wish you best of luck.
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