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I dont know about a GOOD deal, but I feel it was a reasonable deal.

Today I bought a mint condition A4000CR, 2Mbyte Chip + 16Meg Fast RAM, for £150 which I felt wasnt too bad.

I had to drive 30 miles to collect it though.

The CR is the rarest of the A4000 Desktops. It was the last revision, RevD with Buster11 as standard and the 68030 soldered on the motherboard. (It still has a Fast Slot for accelerators).

Now to whip out the 256Mbyte hard drive (damn that is small by todays standards) and put in a 10Gig one (from an XBOX) and fit some KS3.1 EPROMS and perhaps one of the A3640's I have lying around.
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