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Dom Quixote keeps fighting the straw man.

The point isn't if it's legal or ilegal.

The point of the whole thread, from the begining was and is: If Cloanto was greedily immoral in illegalizing Kickstart and Workbench that was up until that point, like most abandoned platforms of the 90's, freely available on websites they destroyed; and if such behaviour was and is nefarious and prejudicial to the Amiga Emulation scene.

Clear cut answers: Yes, and yes.

Discussing if Bob69 downloaded 512 kilobytes three years ago, and how immoral he is, while your hard disk is filled with Mp3s, your eyes perusing YouTube, and a couple of xeroxes dangling on the corner, next to your old VHS and audio tapes, is thoroughly indiferent and indulging in fallacious circular logic at best.
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