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Getting components together.

Im getting components together ATM I dont like the prototype board much tho the copper circlets keep lifting I think to make my own life easier I might get a silver conductive track pen tomorrow so I can draw the tracks.. it should make the task a tidge easier.

Some of the componats are like hens teeth too and I have had to make some mild substitutions like using the B part version of the transistor.

Not much of a choice Im afraid as many of the electronic stores here are getting into selling equipment and not electronic parts.

I had trouble today for example getting 3 25v 680uF low esr caps just to repair my router ( bloody japanese faulty electrolytic compond ) its taken out a mobo and the router so far, luckily replacing them fixes the problem.

But as an example I got the last three of that type I had to go to 3 shops in 3 different parts of the city to get them and none of them are planning to sell components anymore, anyone know a good cheap online source
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