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Well I've been thinking about this, and I reckon this would sell hotcakes - NOW!

What we need is an amiga machine. Small ish form factor- about the size of your cable box.

A slot loaded CD drive at the front, support for use on both SCART or Composite televisions and an in-built DVI connector for use with a standard PC monitor. 6 USB sockets: 4 at the front and two at the back, two controller ports at front and at the side, an expansion port for the possible addition of either a floppy drive or other. Built in 80Gb hard disk, ethernet port at the rear, decent video and sound card.

The whole idea being that the unit is basically a games console to rival that of the likes of XBox, Nintendo, etc. The controllers will be proprietry, and the front-mounted USB sockets can be used with memory sticks for savegames, etc.

The expansion port can take floppy disks which will run old-school amiga software, possibly emulated.

But, here's the crux. Full support for the whole range of USB keyboards, mice. So effectively, you could do your homework on it, browse the net and etc.

Here's another crux: Make it £559, inclusive of keyboard and mouse, top word processor and three decent games. Then, make all games £15.99. Cheap games would be offset due to the price of the system! That way kids can afford the games and software houses will sell more!

Good idea? Or fevered pipe-dream of a madman?
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