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Best deal:

I regret to say I have not had a good deal on Amigas. I have always ended up paying the top amount for hardware.

Worst deals:

1) I needed money quite badly and sold my A3640 for R600 in SA. I was expecting cash, that's why I wasn't too fussy about the price. R600 is about £42. I was a bit cheesed off because the guy paid by cheque, but as he was an old dude I didn't have the heart to back out of that deal. By the time the cheque cleared, I didn't need the money so badly because it was pay day.

2) A guy on Amiga.Org was asking where he could get a SCSI CD-Rom for his amiga. He was based in New Zealand. I had a Toshiba SCSI CD-Rom that I wasn't using and I offered this dude the drive in exchange for a chocolate bar. That's right, all I wanted was a chocolate bar. I packed the drive with the manual, and even the original terminal resistor packs and mailed it to him. He got it and it worked fine. Do you think he sent me the chocolate bar? F**k no, he didn't. And as far as I am concerned that's just rude. I think my shipping costs alone were more than £8 IIRC.

3) My first A500, bought in Dorset in 1990, had a problem because the copy protection on F29 retaliator (included in the pack) meant that the game could not be played properly. There was an issue with the floppy. I took it back, and they tried to con me by putting the same Amiga in a different box and saying they had fixed it. Trouble is, I saw that the serial number was the same. I gave that dude a good piece of my mind. Got a brand new pack and the problem was cured. That A500 never gave me any problems.

4) When I sold my first Amiga 500, I ordered an Amiga 600. This was in SA. The company that I ordered it from was really dodgy. The A600 was a US unit and the company sold it to me with a transformer hand-soldered between the PSU and the plug. To make matters worse, the ROMS had bent pins and were obviously second hand. There were missing manuals too. I complained about this, but they refused to help and in the end didn't take my calls. It took a personal visit (my father did all the talking because in those days I was a placid sort of fellow and I didn't want any fuss). Got a refund in the end, and got a B2000 from another dealer who also ripped me off by not supplying me the proper manuals. His company went bust and he was untouchable after that. That B2000 gave me no problems and I eventualy sold it for an A1200. In the same period, I desperately needed a monitor and a dude was selling an A500 & monitor. He wouldn't split the miggy and the monitor so I had to buy both. It wasn't a good deal, but I wasn't ripped off. Ive still got that A500, but the monitor was sold with the A1200. That A1200 worked flawlessly and I sold that after a few years (before my second visit to the UK) and then got an A4000T in 1996. Paid a boatload for that: £2000, including M1428s monitor.

5) The only trouble I had with that A4000T was when a douche-bag connected a badly-wired Parnet cable from my A4KT to his A1200 and fried my CIA chips. This was back in SA in 1998. I had to drive 40km to find a guy who could fix that in SA, and it was expensive. It was a messy job too. I recently had that redone by Amiga Center in France and those CIAs are currently socketed.

So yes, I get bad luck generally. But at least I haven't been ripped off like some people were with those PPC cards. (Remember the Berndt Binder scam?)
It's just as well because these days I'm likely to get a plane ticket and go looking for the arse-fez who rips me off if he is in Europe.
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