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As a Mac user I wouldn't buy a new Amiga if it came out; I'm perfectly happy with my current platform of choice.

I agree that they should just drop the idea of a new, "powerful" Amiga completely. The "new" Amigas that we've seen are based on old technology, yet sold at a premium price.Only enthousiasts would buy one (or not, if this thread is indicative).

However, if I was CEO of Amiga inc, I'd release an ultra-cheap (let's say sub $100) computer that hooks up to a TV or a cheap TFT-panel, based around the A1200 with a small harddrive and (maybe/maybe not even) a CD-ROM player. I'd make sure it runs an up-to-date browser (something like mozilla perhaps) and sell it as a cheap internet terminal to schools, libraries and people that do not demand a lot from their computer. Add some memorycard reading abilities for pics from digicams, USB for printers and input, instant messaging (Yahoo/AIM compatible) for grandma and her grandchildren and I've got yourself a winner (IMHO). I'd sell it through QVC or TellSell.

If it allows the current community to get their hands on hardware that has been out of production for a while...well that would be just a bonus.
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