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RGB Clock timings

Im Sorry but the person who I have been dealing with informed me that there were no clock timings within the colour signals just within the syncs. Is this not the case?
Bare in mind this guy fixes Amigas.

The maxim chip mentioned for a fixed frequency ergo 15.625Khz does not just double the timing but the width of the pulses as well, where t=1 from rising to trailing edge t now is 2 see the example in the previous link to maxim , it shows oscilliscope timings.

Which should mean that all the colour data now fits within the new HSync.

It just has to get on screen, I can worry about other things like interlace and flicker fixing later, ill say it again all I am trying to do is get VGA output for the amiga gaming modes at present ... NOTHING MORE ...
i.e whatever the HSYNC is like 15.625 I would like it to be 31.5 this in theory should get the picture onto a VGA screen if there are no timing signals withing the RGB.

If you beleive that there are timing signals withing this data can you please provide a URL which indicates this.
BTW if there is timing data within the colour signals there surely would be nothing wrong with setting the colour frequencies in the same way as the pulses would be expanded to meet the horizontal frame time. The only difference would be you would use four PLLs not 1 , the initial one to determine the doubled frequency and then the rest to expand the colour data. I.E it wouldnt mater because you were using one base frequency to spread the data over timing signals within the RGB would be fairly erelevent.

Scuse speeling.

Cheers In advance

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