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Re: I received a reply!!!

This is utterly fantastic news! Looks as if we are finally coming close to the end of this famous "Hunt for Putty Squad" chapter that has been going on and on for countless years. That "Hunt for Omar & Bin Laden" thing can wait, this is the conclusion we have finally been waiting for!

Maybe I should send an apology e-mail to Twiddy for sending him an unecessary identical (to other people) e-mail. Do you reckon this is a good idea?

Good on you Twist for censoring the e-mail addys, we don't want one more anonymous cyberuser to send the guy to breaking point and reconsider the deal now, do we?

Although I have to ask something about the game...

Originally posted by Riempie
I still have all the source files and data files from the final master but I don't think we have a copy of the final disk. Therefore the only hurdle is how to re-master the disk.
Is he trying to say that the game fits on a single disk??? Not sure how that would be possible - the original Putty came on 3 disks after all...
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