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@best finds and gives
Got given an A1200 3.0roms + 030 (16MB) + 1.2GB Hdd (no floppy). Got given an internal DCE scan magic Scan Dblr & Flicker Fixer as well as an external IOMega Zip drive.

Found badly damaged A1200 in case when i was taking my garden rubbish to tip, (case fecked beyond fecked and mobo cracked 'n split on mouse port), cut board and resolded mousey fly over (now working in a near complete specail project) it had (and has) 3.1 roms onboard.

Found Apple Mac & Monitor as i was doing a run to local tip (after i had moved home theres always extra rubbish figure..) any way the Mac workd by the monitor did'nt.

@best buy
Bought off shelf day of relase A1200 pack for £175 (they were retailing for £325) managed to blag the manager saying commet was doing one cheaper than dixions (obviously before commet was owned by dixsons group) that was a nice blag.

Car booty action, got a box of Amiga bits for £5, it had in it Apollo A1230, Mouse / Joy switcher, Broken Genlock, 24bit colour Hand Scanner (still works)
Midi interface inc. leads, 8 and 16mb SIM, bunch'o'disks and a joystick that didn`t work. (good thing i haggled that old woman down from a tenner...)

bought a bunch of old 2.1 sound systems (about 6 various with only 1 base box) for £2.50. got it home splaced a few wires and volia 400watts of audio power! *still use it today on my PC*

@worst deal
Lent my sister an A1200 with my Blizzard 030mk2 +16mb ram 1gig drive ext. modem all towered up it was.... when i got it back (3yrs later) the chasis had been warped, the mobo never did 'fire up ever again, the accelerator had some gunk on it (looked a bit like solder flux but god knows what it really was).. and has never worked since... sold it to a friend for a tenner, he could couldn`t get it to work either... about the only things left that did work was the modem and memory. even the mousy and keyboard was fecked. (the keyboard was an A4000 Keyboard too)

Swapped a 6GIG 3.5" disk with a friend for a 2gb 2.5" hard disk. was going to pick it up at the weekend, got round his, and he'd moved back up north with his parents... bastard!...

sigh... some good memories... and some not so good ones...
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