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I dont know if youve quite cottoned on to what I mean

All I am attempting to acheive is Horizontal scan double and wave form double at present _NOT_ flixer fixing or de-interlacing this is simply to get the horizontal scan rate up to VGA monitor spec. Im not quite that insane. this is simply to get the old gaming resolutions up and running and available at boot time without any software requirement and _CHEAPLY_ im all about cheap

When I placed my veiwsonic onto my Amiga using the commodore adapter 390682-01 the horizontal scan rate was still 15.625 Khz.

Now the chips that I am looking at using are _COMMON_ enough and will probably cost less than 20NZ$

The idea is to only scan and frequency double where the horizontal rate is below 31.5 KHz this it seams can be acheived with relitive ease.

As for de-interlacing - this is a future project but I would look at doing it on the fly probably with a pixaxe.

Again - if there is anyone out there with electronic knowledge please let me know.

As for those little boxes I got a unit from Mayflash and can tell you it dont work and thier support is non existant

Cheers for the reply tho.
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