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Originally Posted by rsn8887
First: SWIV - Amiga

Best sound and playability ever in a shooter - the explosions make my room vibrate, unbelievable!
I will definately agree with this one!. After playing SWIV for a couple of months Solid!!!.. i managed to finish it with 1 life left. and yep, when it was all over i thought to myself .. F@#K that was a great game!.

My brother used to work 12 hour afternoon shifts, and every night he would come home, he burst into the bedroom, and ask me how far i got for that night!, but he would instead ask.. " How many % ?????? ".

I have attached that picture you posted too rsn8887 because that end of level Gun and the other end of level Guns like that, made me Crap my pants!!!!.... the SOUND it used to make when it shot that large beam, was amazing!!!!... and it would really start to make me nervous.. LOL ..

Great game..
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