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Individual Computers Announces Clone-A Project

In an exclusive interview with Total Amiga's Magnus Johnson, to be published in issue 25, Jens Schoenfeld reveals Individual Computers latest project. For the last year Jens and Oliver Achten have been working on a cycle-accurate reproduction of the Amiga chipset in FPGAs under the codename Clone-A.

Jens and Oliver will be demonstrating prototype versions of the Clone-A chips mounted in a real A500 motherboard at the AmiWest show on the 21st of October. To prove the compatibility of the implementation, even in its current form, Jens encourages show visitors to bring along A500 compatible disks to the show to try on the Clone-A.

As Total Amiga 25 won't be out until after the show, we have published an extract from the interview in PDF format. The extract describes the Clone-A in detail, traces its history and explains the current state of development. Jens also looks to the future at the possible uses for this technology once it is complete. Included in the PDF are detailed photos of the FPGA development boards. The extract PDF is a free download from the Total Amiga web site:

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