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This is an age old question, just re-worded!!

It's a case of "what do you want on your Dreamcast but it never happened?" - but for the Amiga.

The Amiga A1200 as a platform is 90's technology(albeit good technology for the time), and it needed to move on, but for reasons unknown to the public it just got completely f**ked(actually lets be honest we do know a lot of the reasons).

But back to the original question... if an Amiga was released tomorow........ not gonna happen, it will be based on x86 chip or PPC or similar.... it will surely be an OS that runs on current systems, thats the only way to maximise the profits and the capital that have been invested in the OS4/5(if rumours and other threadsare to believed)..... that said.....I love vapourware, doesn't screw with your currently installed system

As for the console idea... well no, for me personally it just wouldn't work, they have a megadrive inside of a joystick these days that plays some of the classic, they have a c64 thingy that incorporates lights guns etc(I have one) with 64 games.... but why an Amiga on a chip/console, why do we get so exited? IT'S OLD TECHNOLOGY THAT DOES NOTHING TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY?

We have either an Amiga or a PC/Mac.... we emulate, we preserve, we play games...... why spoil it by adding another nail in the Amiga coffin by adding a 3rd party non selling console that will only add to the collector regieme.

A killer Amiga.... it will be a PC with an Amiga OS(if the OS actually ships). I don't mean to sound like a pessimist, but a realist. I've read the stories on these pages regarding hardware(i.e. Motherboards etc) that "could" be used for the next Amiga. Lets be honest, and think of this from a money making/marketing point of view .... would you release a £700 computer or would you licence an Operating system that runs on MAC and PC for around £50-100? Whats going to sell more?

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