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Best Swap

1998, I swapped 4 * 128Mbyte SDR DIMM's (which was a hell of a lot back then) for an Amiga A4000/040@25, 16Mbyte fast ram, a Picasso II graphics card and Dataflyer 4000SX SCSI card.

This made my A4k FREE. How? You are correct, the cost of new 4 * 128Mbyte DIMMS was MUCH more than the cost of an A4000 at the time, but I was working at a computer shop they were return rejects.

Dont worry, I didnt diddle some unsuspecting Amiga user.

The DIMMS were perfectly ok RAM wise. However they had bad SPD EPROM's and any motherboard which relied on SPD didnt boot with them in. The shop was buying its RAM at the time from a company with no returns dept. so they were binned. I fished them out and as chance had it the vendor didnt have such a motherboard and the swap went ahead.

Anyone else got any good stories? Perhaps involving sceners?
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