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A 4G CF card is already more than $100 just by itself, so how on earth would you hit $70 retail?

Also, the whole idea is ridiculous, because these games don't mean a thing to anyone born after 1975-1980 except a very few. I love this old stuff, too, but the technology was surpassed by the SNES in 1991.

[flame suit on and ducking]

Originally Posted by pbareges
a basic 1200 kick3.1 2mb chip 8mb fast 4gb cf included as hd, presinstalled os and the best of all legal abandonware stuff preloaded on hd, ie best games and apps (with a preregistered whdload license of course!) remoded to be lighter & smaller...for less than 70$ US retail(produced in series this may be possible if amiga inc the os license holder is not asking too much)....this could be a real killer and make the amiga popular again for new generations tired of boring games! the only improvement may be on the AGA chip (but with full backward compatibility!!)...fix flickering, include hardware implementation of writechunkypixels os function, and make video output switchable between 15khz and 31kkhz for 15khz native modes!
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