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Nectarine -

Most people here surely know Nectarine Scenemusic Radio - which unfortunately is down since ~1 month.
Since I didn't find any info about the reason behind this I wanna share what I found out myself.
Nectarine is down because of 2 reasons.
* Harddisk fault
* some weird french law about copyright, broadcasting, digital media stuff...

I don't know if Nectarine will be back, but a new project has been started with the aim to provide scenemusic radio and whatever made nectarine good, maybe even more.

that's the place for more info:

if you can help or have something to offer check the website for contact info or goto #scenemusic@ircnet

Finally I just wanna thank the whole Nectarine Staff for their great service to the scene! It was really one of the most enjoyable things in the web!
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