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Originally Posted by Ultron
Abandonware KS and WB's, a better Emulator, and a free acess to the Amiga's library of software for preservation and nostalgia's sake.

Which, btw, is what all other platformers have, and have been having for years now.
Let's get some facts straight:

1. Abandonware is just a word created by people that wants to pretend to be legal when they are spreading pirated software around.

2. As a company you can't abandonware software, not to a higher extent than not to bother about what people do with your companys software (in other words: ONLY the software that your company has produced and nothing else). It would still be illegal to spread the software around, however.

3. You can't just release the software catalouge for a certain platform for free (unless the catalouge is really small and very few companies have been involved in developing the software)... this is especially true when it comes the Amiga platform... since there are hundreds of thousands of different copyright holders that has to be contacted in the process that has to give their permission to release the specific software, that they have developed, for free.

4. All the other platforms have NOT released their software catalouge for free... really, they have NOT. It looks quite ridicilous when you make that very statement, sorry to say. Do you think the probably 1000+ companies that have developed software for the MSX have said 'oh, heck, the software is now free, do what you want with it'? The software companies behind the PC-Engine? No? The software companies behind the X68000? No? The software companies behind the Atari? No? Heck, even the people behind Boulderdaesh for the Commodore 64 have to some extent contacted people that are offering the game for download to remove the game from their sites...

To have software on ones site, claiming it to be adandonware is one thing but wether or not it is illegal is a completely different thing. To put it simply: Is software claimed, by some people, to be abandonware legal to spread around? No... but in certain cases the companies behind the software doesn't bother about it being around... they just pretend to not be aware of that it is happening... or they simply don't know that it is happening.

(Edited by me since I wrote some rather uneccessary and stupid comments the first time around).

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