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Originally Posted by JonSick
Do you really think anyone could make a serious amount of money by doing another run of a1200 or a500 machines?
Nope, not a chance And probably not too many of us would buy them either (I already have 18 machines) - they would cost more than the ones on eBay and in junk shops

Originally Posted by JonSick
How about an operating system called Amiga that would load onto standard PCs that would serve as a complete alternative for Windows, yet still be able to run software intended for windows?
Maybe some people might like that... but I think most people would probably plump for normal Windoze and use WinUAE as well.

I'm not being deliberately negative about everything - I just genuinely believe the Amigas reign is well and truly in the past. I don't have a problem with that - I'm a throwback anyway
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