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Originally Posted by blade002
I know that this was a hypothetical question, but im under the impession that no one here would buy a new Amiga unless it was almost identical to the old ones ??.
I wouldn't buy a new Amiga full stop - whatever it was like. I'm not interested. Amiga is an old platform that I love and I'll always stay with it. My Amigas are purely for my own fun and I use them every day. Anything serious I need to do I use a PC for - whatever anyone here says a modern PC does things better.

I don't really believe that anyone has the power to stand against M$ these days anyway, even Apple only has a small market.

So no, I'm not interested in AmigaONE/MorphOS/RTG/PCI/OS4 etc. I like coding in assembler, watching demos and cracking so I'm happy as I am with my 680x0s and Workbench @ 640x256
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