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Operating System wise, we need to let the past go and forget about backwards compatibility with games. We still have our old Amiga's so we can use those to play games with.

But a completely revamped version of Workbench would be the best way to go. Due to the mentality of staying in the past, not alot of Amiga users wanted to upgrade our systems ( many Amiga users wouldnt in the 90's ) with accelerators, extra memory etc.. And of course the demise of Commodore screwed us completely, so we had no say in that one.

I too love the Amiga the way it was orginally, and i think that nothing could come close to that feel of those Amiga's ever again. But to stay ahead of the game in today's world, we need a killer Amiga with killer hardware.. not 90's hardware with a bunch of retro idea's..

Ive spoken to many people younger than me and they much prefer 3D gaming over 2D gaming, and although i love 2D more, the fact of the matter is, we need to get out of the past if the Amiga is to have any hope or any future again.

I know that this was a hypothetical question, but im under the impession that no one here would buy a new Amiga unless it was almost identical to the old ones ??.
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