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Look people,

I was really tempted to buy an AmigaONE with AmigaOS4 and do some developing on the system. I was sad to see that the boards were no longer being produced, even if they were so expensive.

What's important now is that we are not talking vaporware anymore; the A1 was around, it worked, and so did AmigaOS4. Heck yeah, it was damn expensive, and it sure would take a pretty enthusiastic Amigan (or a long time one that learned a lot during those times, like me) to shell out for a board. But the ice has been broken.

All we need now is a cool, new, cheap(er) board to run OS4 on. That's not so difficult to achieve, and I believe that Samantha is going on the right direction using the industrial and embedded sector as a "take off" platform.

Actually, that's exactly what I want: a cool, silent, small form factor Amiga system to develop on. For fun. Maybe such a system could in fact re-unite
some of the old-time Amigans, and create a healthy community around it. It doesn't have to be a Quad Xeon Woodcrest with 8GB of RAM and a Quadro FX 4500. We all know how efficient AmigaOS is, and how creative the Amiga community is/was, and targeting bleeding edge technology wouldn't make the system affordable.

Bottom line is, I think some of you are being a little over-pessimistic. We all moved on computer-wise, but if you were realistic, you would see the system was already out there and working, for a huge price. People who have their AmigaONEs seem to be thrilled with them, so all we need is a new, cheaper board. And that *seems* to be happening.

Windows can be made to work reliably if you know your way around it (most people don't). What it lacks SERIOUSLY is workflow, it's always getting in the way of your work. MacOS X is probably the best OS out there hands down. Linux is great for geeks, embedded systems and simple/dedicated-use computers. I trully believe there would be a place for the Amiga in this varied World!

If it does come to fruition, I'd love to see how many of you would re-unite to create a new community, based on the spirit of the old one? I know I'll be there, I love the "feeling" the Amiga gave me while enjoying computing!

P.S.: I'd love to have such a board selling on the 100-150 Euro mark; it would be a great viable choice for lots of embedded work on my company! I would need Java though, but I would help at making it available for the system!
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