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Ahaha thats awesome gimbal!
Back when I got my first pc in 1996, I used to play this, even today 10 years later its fun to play.

Moree pics from me!

First of we have Dune 1, from 1992 in 3 versions Awesome game I completed it on Amiga and PC several times. Next is Dune 2 from 1993, an instant classic that started the hole realtime genre for serious. In the middle we have Dune 2000 made in 1998. It was markeded by Westwood as being an upgraded Dune 2 so I bought it as soon as it came out Last we have Emperor: Battle for Dune, the 4th sequal in the Dune series coming out in 2001 with some cool soundtracks for each house and the first 3D game made by Westwood. So there you have it, the complete Dune experince from 1992 to 2001
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