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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Was brilliance that good? I have the manual for it but never tried it yet, one of the few AGA paint apps isn't it?
Brilliance seems to offer everything DeluxePaint had to offer... and more... and also in a much more convinient way for the end-user. For example, you do have the menu located on it's own screen, meaning you do have access to ALL the colours without having to worry about making the menu unsuable due to bad choices of colours in your palette... you have the tile-cut function absolutely lovely for dealing with making graphics for games since you can turn on the grid and cut out any tile on the screen without having to bother about aligning it, unlike in Deluxe Paint, which makes dealing with grid based graphics for games so ridicilously much easier... the way of dealing with the palette makes it ideal for doing graphics for the NES or the SMS... the palette is quite enhanced, so to speak, and... well, there is just THAT much that feels better than in DeluxePaint... that I can hardly imagine anyone ever going back to DeluxePaint after having played around with Brilliance for a while... since Brilliance seems to do all that DeluxePaint does, though way much better.
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