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Well that seems to be far too expensive for what it is, but Amiga stuff can still be darn expensive (far too much in fact) which is a shame, but it's unlikely to ever change.

Don't worry you didn't offend (at least not me anyway) I use my amiga solely for games (and now a little bit of programming). You don't need a decent spec Amiga to play 99% of the games for the system. Tower Assault runs fine on an a1200 with no accelerator needed, and breathless... well... FPS on the Amiga haven't really dated well It's just not worth the money upgrading the Amiga to play the handful of games that'll utitlise it!

Use WinUAE if you want to check out some of the higher-spec stuff... not that you'll be using if for long

I still say nothing beats an 1200 with an 030 and a hdd inside though
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