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"Red Alert is in my opinion overrated. I disliked movie sequences and units looked not so nice as TA!" - remember red alert came out a long while before TA showed its face.... I guess I liked it as you kinda role played as a commander.. Red Alert had great cutscenes, especially compared to the newer CnC games- drew me in like a sexy nurse!

Gobliins 2, I played the amiga one first, have fond memories playing that coverdisk (maybe cuamiga?) - awesome

Homeworld, we're moving away from classic here, but hey, tahts one damn fine game

"(Awesome too specially II, III was the pinnacle!)
(up n till the recent trash NFS underground etc aren't my cup of tea neither was porsche challenge!)" - completely agree, 3 was AWESOME! - 2 was pretty good, the rest were like dead donkeys - lots of hype but no deliverence ... ... underground= puh, EA lost it a long time ago.
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