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Originally Posted by Whitesnake
Games Yes just because there simply was more, but Multimedia and Video Editing no. Unless you have a good example of such packages. Deluxe Paint is a toy in comparison to what Corel produced on the Mac.
However, one should not consider pixel based paint packages toys (I have no clue if you do that, but, anyways)... I would like to see one paint package in the veins of Brilliance v2 for any other platform that delivers such ease of use when doing pixel graphics. I do not know how the large game developers handle their 2D graphics (if not pre-rendered), but I can imagine a package such as Brilliance v2, released for the PC platform, aimed at those dealing with pixel based graphics, developing art for the web, doing isometric graphics or simply making 2D games, could do wonders... litteraly...

Oh, and concerning video editing packages... the Video Toaster was anything but a toy... but then came the digial video revolution and rendered the Video Toaster obsolote (in most cases).
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