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Big grin Tower Assault

I loved the retreat mode and multiple path idea in Tower Assault.

The Alien Breed series was a classic. It was a great idea to have a two player game where the two human players co-operated and the alien idea made it very atmospheric.

The improved graphics and multiple path made Tower Assault the best. It was great to get into one of the towers to find all the humans dead and the aliens still chewing on their bodies.

The retreat mode should have been added before because it was such a great feature. Deffinately something which demanded a two-button joystick.

I liked Alien Breed 3D but after playing the likes of Dark Forces (and it sequels), Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament etc on the PC I don't think I could go back to such a slow, chunky game on the Amiga. I tried to play Gloom a couple of months ago and I just couldn't do it, the graphics were appauling in comparrison to what I'm used to now.
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