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Total Annhilation - "One of most underrated PC titles. Not sure why as it looks and plays much better then any RTS of its time."

Erm, you may find that it was quite OVERRATED! - I remembered it topping the PC Zone RTS list for ages at 96% ... Red alert kicked its ass and you know it (spray painting to create buildings- wtf!?)

UFO : Enemy unknown was the first game I bought for my pc (even though I got a P166mmx)... best game ever for the pc too heh... bought it alongside colonization (too slow on my amiga) and some other cheap game, uh, .... cant remember but I got gobliins 2 with day of the tentacle shortly after

Back to topic

my favs

UFO (prefered PC vers - had a hard drive!)
Fuzzys world of minature golf
gobliins 2 (amiga version was prolly better)
Solar Winds (overtop space exploration / arcade- awesome!)
Elite 2 / 3 (I played 2 on the amiga , 3 on the pc... unsure which I prefer heh)
Wing commander 1 + 2 (dont mind which version)
Pirates Gold!
Civilization (amiga ftw!)
Settlers (Amiga!!!! DEFINATELY!)
Command and Conquer - best for me was Red Alert- my TC mod rocked your balls!
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