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Originally Posted by Ray Norrish
Unfortunately, the music player had a self destruct mechanism built in on account of how insanely rubbish it was. All disks corrupted themselves after being played for >5 minutes because of potential brain damage / law suits, so it's going to be quite difficult to find a working version.
I'm glad someone who worked on the game has elaborated on it.

Could I ask what happened there in a little more detail? Did the disks really self-corrupt after a few minutes of play? I've only ever personally been able to get to the title screen, with your music. I ask because if i can't find a working version, i'll have to elaborate why. Maybe this was why the developers only did one game with psygnosis , It was coded by papyrus of indy500 fame if i recall (although that might be a different papyrus).

GURU 64: I do have a website to host and announce the project, which currently only hosts the cg intro (done in the style of an early 90s psygnosis intro). Once the first episode is done, there will be a site there too with extra info on the games , and news/updates on the progress of episodes, which i'm hoping will be fortnightly released once it's up and running.

Typically, just as i'm almost done, i'm having problems with my current host. I may find i have to move it or buy some other hosting to actually carry the files. So the site may just vanish for a few days, whilst nameserver/DNS stuff sorts out.
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