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My Mum used Macs for Repro and Warehous-Catalogue designing. She did the dessous pages ) So I got to know them a bit.
Macs were great for Photomanipulation, designing Newspapers and such stuff. But that's about all they were good at. Besides they were totally expensive!!! (and today still are overpriced crap). One of their Macs cost like 8000.- € she told me back then.

Commodore could have annihilated Apple if only they had provided a good flicker-free resulution and machines with harddisk and archiving tools. I mean out of the box. And proper programs for that tasks.

unfortunately Commodore failed to develop a good Office and a good Print-design software (like Quark Xpress, Pagemaker,...). They instead put all the massive money they initially made with Amiga into the lame PC Market which alway was a loss! C= used the cash they earned with Amiga to push their lame PC section!

Amiga was of course superior to Mac in video editing, multimedia, games. But you can't win the industry with that stuff unfortunately...

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