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Originally Posted by Flashlab
yeah I know but there were claims here that are simply untrue.

Couldn't resist bugging in .

I don't know enough about Mac graphics to make a correct comparision between them and the Amiga's. My guess is that Amiga graphics were better in the beginning and got taken over by Mac graphics like with PC graphics during the nineties. Mac didn't have custom graphics like Amiga as far as I know; guess they used the same chips as PC's.
Actually the Macintosh II released in 1987 is graphic card capable of 16.7million colours.
So in that respect AGA was 5 years behind and still not anything near capable of 16.7million colours at once in a usable enviroment.
By this time custom chips yeilded no real advantage as there was plenty of CPU time in such machines.
So in retrospec the Mac had taken over the Amiga in two years in the graphics department.

Also Settlers II/Duke Nukem 3D doesn't work in Shapeshifter either and quite a lot of paint/office programs i've tried.

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