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thank you very much i don't have MMU (just a vanilla 68ec20 14mhz), i can't use the external drivers you're mentioning but from aminet i found aga boost which works at refresh's kind of better but not that you know anything more powerful for vanilla 1200 users like me ?

also i tried lots of different configs but monkey island still crashes from the very beginning....what confused me is that when launched in 640x480 it crashes sooner than in 320x200...could it be related to memory ? i have 2mb chip + 8mb fast and i reserve 6mb for Mac Emu when launching Monkey it enough ? is it too much (not enough memory available then to handle display) ?

thx again,


SORRY _ JUST FOUND EVD DRIVER WAS DESIGNED FOR LOW-END AMIGAS...downloaded it and will try it this evening! i will try to leave only 4mb to the mac also as it should leave enough mem to the driver to operate properly! thx again!

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