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My primary Amiga

Well all im a relitive newb, was into Amiga then went PC and am now back again.

My primary system.
A1200 in an Elbox tower case with PCI 1200 SX
running 3.1 roms OS3.9 warpup
registered posieden usb, MUI
64meg Voodoo 5500 PCI running Picasso 64 drivers
2 880K Floppies
Catweasel + two Sony 1.76M HD drives
128M IDE/CF Adaptor + 40 Gig Maxtor HDD, CD RE-Writer running on an Elbox FastATA3+ IDE controller
100 Mbit network card
Spider II USB
External 35GB 2.5" drive + Dual Layer DVD writer.
17" CRT ( Awaiting Scandoubler / FF )
Phase 5 040/25, PPC 603e+ 200mhz
Elbox Keyboard/mouse converter and PC Keyboard and mouse
( trying to get the CF off the primary HDD cable as causes connections by default to go to PIO mode 0 )

Others on the way - two A1200 tower conversions - accelerated. one with PCMICA ethernet.

One A600 tower conversion - Stock A600

One A500 tower conversion - Stock + Commodore HD and 2meg mem expansion.

Two amiga 2000 tower conversions - One stock, one GVP 030/25 + SCSI + Amber FF. the other scsi + 8meg ram GVP

Thats my machine list without looking at PCs. When I get back into something I dont mess around.
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