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I must really rectify some stuff that's being said here:

Dark Forces does run! And it runs fine too. My setup is A4000/060 and a PicassoIV. Also you don't need MacOS 8.x. I use System 7.5.5. Fat binaries do work in ShapeShifter. That's the whole idea of a fat binary; combining 68k code and PPC code in one file. So there's no reason for it not to work as Amiga is 68k.

Warcraft 2 works fine too. So do other games. Also here on System 7.5.5. You do need at least an 040! You need to match the Mac specs. Warcraft I needs 030 minimum.

The speed of the emulation is about the same speed as a Mac with the same 68k CPU. With 060 you've got a really fast 68k Mac as there never was a 060 Mac.

Only bottleneck is Amiga graphics. With a GFX board like mine it's no problem but AGA or even worse ECS will be slow... There are drivers (TurboEVD and Savage) though to speed things up considerably.

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