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i'm completely with Jope, i just prefer not debate with someone that likes to ignore completely what 1) reality is 2) what are other people' points (and so far no problem) but 3) ALSO claims reason. instead i prefer telling you that today i was in a large wood area next to a lake, where there was this good looking girl getting tan, but i was on the other side of the lake so i wasn't able to get there. instead i got to what's called "terre ballerine", in english, "dancing lands" a wood area grown on an ancient essicated lake wich was on turn a peatery, a bog of a more ancient wood. the peat is still under the land, so when you walk on it it seems you are walking on a water mat and if you jump, the trees around you, for a ten meters, tremble and move. cool.
ps. i just add that while i can differ on getting accused of hipocrisy, to spend time raging at copyrights of that stuff, while you have since years grabbed and used the available versions on internet, wich are many more than the ones you would actually use, is a real show of wasting: time, energy, credibility, other people' patience. see ya
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