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Originally Posted by Konrad
I know for sure that I've seen a ikari-style rotary joystick in an online shop. Could've been a german, but I couldn't find it now. Anyway, you should ask at BYOAC. I'm sure you'll get one there.
Hmmm, after thinking about it some more the one that I linked to from happcontrol is probably a better option as the joystick is still "normal". It would be pretty hard to use the "ikari warriors" one to pull of Street Fighter / King of Fighter moves...

Now, if only I was good with electronics I would attempt to mod my HotRodSE with one of these. Don't think I have the skills though

Originally Posted by adolescent

Don't forget to get a spinner also. Games like Front Line, Tron, Tempest, Arkanoid, etc. all play much better with a propper spinner.
Yeah, spinner are cool too but I can live without one of these
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