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To all: Please stop sending such e-mails to Studio 3 and/or John Twiddy. What a stupid and childish idea in sending the same e-mail hundreds of times to them (or one person who sends such an e-mail seven times!). This is called SPAM! Do you like finding adverts for porn stuff or other things in your mailbox each day? This is also called SPAM and it's the same what you're doing at the moment.

All what you'll achieve is that they'll get annoyed in receiving those e-mails and will never listen to such requests again. Maybe John Twiddy will change his e-mail addy because he gets tired, while reading the same e-mail so often.

The guy on the phone has said that it would be interesting to know how many people would be interested in downloading the game, because he probably hoped to never hear from you again and you're happy with his answer.

I don't think Studio 3 will make their old games available anywhere for free. As many other people they'll probably convert their old games to Game Boy Advance and will earn money again with classic games. That's business. They already released IK for GBC.

Also we from never could convince Studio 3 to release their classic Amiga games to the public for free.

Some info about Putty Squad: Studio 3 (System 3) never released this game officially for Amiga. The game was in development, but never reached the stores.
In 1999 a guy called Steven Flowers officially released Putty Squad for Amiga under the label of his company Alive Mediasoft. Alive Mediasoft became very "famous", because they ripped off nearly all developers which produced games for them. Most of them never saw one cent for their work. Also Alive Mediasoft re-released many classic Amiga games (e.g. Turrican, Ambermoon, Kick Off, Inherit the earth, all games from Neo Software etc.) illegally! They never purchased the rights for all these games and I'm 100% sure it's the same with Putty Squad.
After this story became public Steven Flowers left the Amiga community.
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