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Why I refuse to pay for Kickstart and Workbench:

I own 2 A500, A1200, A2500/30. All machines came originally with complete Set of Workbench. My Disks are by now lost/destroyed/formated and used as gamedisks, etc... Of course it's my own fault that the disks are now unusable, since I was too lazy to back each one of them up every other year to ensure they still work. But who carez, that's what the Internet is useful for. I can leech somebody's adf backup of the disks since Commodore is gone, and no company supports the Amiga in an appropriate way.
If I loose my nvidia drivers, I just leech them from nvidia, cause I initially paid for them and the card is useless without drivers, as is an Amiga without Workbench to me.

Of course I also leeched the Kickstart, since I am too lazz to drive to my mum's place, dig out my Amigas from the cellar, drive them to my flat, set them up in my tiny room, get them to boot up, build a connection-cable to my PC and transfer them over ... I may do so someday when I got time but for now I prefer to leech what I need from the net.
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