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I'm with ya Freakyweakywo

Every single game so far that has been posted in this thread I know + have in my list. Sad hey?

See Dizzy, there are so many games that one could include... Just don't want to drown the thread by myself. LOL

In fact, you guys will think I'm crazy (and I am when it comes to arcade games)... I've actually spent quite some time going through all the MAME games (6300+) and then put together a Recomended.txt file consisting of games I know / look cool... They are even sorted in categories i.e. Beat 'Em up, Vs. Fighter, Puzzle, Shoot 'Em up etc...

Actually, I stopped around v0.100 when MAME changed the default .cfg files to the new system (totally f%^ked up some of my customised HotRodSE .cfg files). Haven't had the time to go through them all again since + with the new versions. I can post this categoried Recomended.txt file up to v0.99 if people want???

Be warned, it's a big .txt file
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