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I haven't used much in the way of FTP software, but I have to agree with Drake's & Marz's assesment of LeechFTP.
It doesn't seem to be bloatware in terms of size, plus from what I've read about other "free FTP", programs like Gozilla, there seems to be a number of complaints regarding snoopware software hidden in it,monitoring your downloading activities.

But Drake is right, in my first ever use of Leech,(Or of any FTP software,period.) I visited one of Godflesh's FTP server's & hadn't realized the repeat delay requirements had changed & got banned within seconds.

Although I wish there was a better readme file for begginers to LeechFTP like me, I think it does the job quite well. A shame it's discontinued.

BTW-is there any way to save your bookmarks of LeechFTP Drake?
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