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For those who don't know: You find screenshots to almost all games on But as Marco wishes ...hope you can see the cross-linked pictures.

Baluba-louk no Densetsu:
You (obviously) have to collect the treasure chests. Funny about this game is that when you jump below the chests they'll change their shape. When you collect them then different items appear, bombs or shots, which you activate by jumping when you stand on them.

SVC Chaos:
How could I forget that game ! SNK and Street-Fighters characters in one game:

Metal Slug:
Not much to say, besides they're all great.

King Of Fighters series:
If you like beat em up's you'll already know (of have at least heard of) the KingOfFighters series. In this game you'll find characters of other SNK titles (as ArtOfFighting, FatalFury,...)The later titles are definately the better ones. There are little differences in gameplay and rules. You choose 3 or 4 team members, depending on the game. In games with 4 team members the 4th member is the striker, who can attack in a fight. In some games you may change the player during a fight. There are alot more rules, you'll have to try. I really like the graphics style of the game.

Shock Troopers:
Similiar to Commando or Mercs. You can either play with one player or a team of three, where you can change the player in game. Every character has advantages/disadvantages (speed, strength, ...). Nice graphics and good music:

Super Pang:
You like Pang ? You'll love Super Pang. It has a nice panic mode where balls keep falling from the top.

This game has really great atmosphere. I love the graphics, the music fits well.

Pong-style sports game. You either have to hit the wall behind or the floor of the opponent area to make points. Doesn't look great from the screenshots, but much fun in 2 player mode

So, enough for now .

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