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Originally Posted by Anubis
it is irony that you trying to prove Cloanto as amiga community supporting company, while at the same time you are saying that users most likely will illegaly get roms, and reason its illegal is Cloanto and license holder.

Search function still works well at EAB. If you have so much interest in Cloanto, then you should spend a bit more time to get all facts...
It is rather apparent that this discussion is going nowhere. While I have at least tried to be constructive concerning some of your posts... like the ones with factual errors and such... you don't even try to be constructive about what I write.

It doesn't even seem like you do read what I write. at times... so, I think I'll back out of this disussion (with you) completely. If you feel like saying 'hey, I won, he gave up, hahahaha', go ahead... if you just would like to add one final comment, go ahead... if you would like just to ignore this post... go ahead... if you feel like posting a logical response to this... go ahead... you see, I just can't bother about discussing something with someone that doesn't even seem to TRY to see the bigger picture while at the same time coming to conclusions about what I think about this or that without even having enough material to do so. Seriously.

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